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The Honey Succors was formed in 2014 in Richmond, Va. "Honey" meaning sweet, delightful, and something of especially high quality; degree of excellence and "Succor" meaning a person or thing that gives help, relief, or aid. These terms combined defines our purpose for The Honey Succors; to deliver excellence by aiding within the community. We understand that society is ever-changing, The Honey Succors provides programs that evolve with the community in efforts to unify and support. Programs are designed based on data, demographics, and interest of the community. We base our programs on the general need of the community. Collaborating with organizations and individuals is vital for the success of The Honey Succors. Collectively our programs encourage a positive social climate within the community we live in. 


The vision of The Honey Succors is to provide a platform for people of all backgrounds, differences, social economic, and to come together for a single cause. Many people of America support multicultural integration, but this is sometimes questionable. The Honey Succors is a resource to demonstrate some of America's core values which are individualism, equality, progression, change, and volunteerism.  With different programs The Honey Succors aim to provide services needed for that specific area with the intent of our vision statement, "To inspire individual growth, uplift communities, and the overall quality of life". We believe through a step by step process individuals could reach an increased awareness of how they contribute to the climate of society. By promoting individual responsibility, positive effective communication, wellness and engaging in supporting the community, The Honey Succors will encourage a unified society. 


The Honey Succors will reach its vision by developing programs aligned with community needs. The Honey Succors Volunteer Program is a core program within The Honey Succors. The Volunteer Program creates a foundation for future programs and it is specifically developed to provide unity within each community. The Honey Succors will continue to develop and create programs based on community needs.